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Medical Technology News

Nanofibers Help Heal Bone Fractures Faster

Scientists from the University of Helsinki have discovered an innovative way of using nanofibers and thin film biomaterials in the area of orthopedy. These materials are used as orthopedic scaffolds, which are capable of regenerating bones and help implants get integrated much faster.

Nanofibers are made of electro-spun hydroxyapatite, which is a form of calcium apatite. By making use of this new technology, new tissue is stimulated to grow faster, and thus the healing process is significantly accelerated. After a few weeks or months, when they have done their job, the fibers are eliminated using a simple procedure, without needing any surgery.

Innovative Skin Patch Automates Diabetes Management

Scientists form the University of North Carolina and the Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry from the Chinese Academy of Sciences have joined their forces to create a new skin patch, which is able to deliver insulin in the human body when it detects high levels of glucose.

The patch has the power to revolutionize the way in which diabetes management is performed these days. The device includes several microneedles which are sensitive to glucose; they contain a small quantity of insulin, which can be released when it is needed.

The needles are made from a polymer which incorporates tiny insulin-carrying pouches. They have the capacity to react with the glucose, making the needles disintegrate and release the insulin.

Printable Implantable Microscopic Medical Devices

It looks like medicine will make significant advances in the next years, when it will be possible to implant medical devices that have tiny drug chambers. A group of researchers from Columbia University have used hydrogels to create tiny drug delivery mechanisms.

The scientists have invented a manufacturing procedure through which hydrogels are layered in tiny devices, which include pump-like mechanisms.  The locking mechanism is innovative, providing control over the moving parts. By making use of these devices, doctors hope to treat cancerous tumors by gradually releasing the chemotherapy agent.

New Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor from Omron

Omron has recently launched a new generation of blood pressure monitors, named “Project Zero”.

The new devices have an inflatable-sensing cuff system and steel micro-threads in the wristband; this way, blood pressure is measured accurately.

The device can also track activity and sleep hours/quality. It looks good and it also doubles as a watch, so I am quite sure that many people will be interested in it.